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Monthly Budget


We help you and your spouse formulate a monthly budget with the ultimate goal of becoming debt-free, including house debt, as soon as possible.

Financial  Coaching


Our coaching not only helps you with a budget, but we plan out a road map to get you to becoming debt free and staying debt free!

Future Investing


With our connections, you can invest your money into a retirement plan that will help you not only retire, but even become an everyday millionaire.  It can be done!

No Matter The Income...  You Can Have a Great Outcome!!

By using our formula, you can become debt free no matter how much you are making at the present.  Kay teach you how to become financially stable and get rid of that ugly debt at gazelle intensity by using the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps.  The only question you will be asking is, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

  • Certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach
  • Currently on Baby Step 7
  • Resident of Grace, ID since 2008.

Kay (Epi) Slane



Kay doesn't know everything there is to know about mortgages, and investing.  That is why she has several trusted partners that will help guide you into a great financial future...  including investing and mortgage partnerships.



The second phase of Coaching is finding out your financial status, formulating a budget, and making a plan to get out of debt.  Doesn't matter how much you make or how far in debt you are, Kay can devise a plan that will get you out of debt as soon as possible.



The first consultation is absolutely FREE.  This is where Kay gets to know your situation and plan for our official first coaching appointment.  You will receive some forms to fill out at the time, so that we can pin point where you need help the most.

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