Main Street Financial Coaching

Our Mission


Main Street Financial Coaching helps you make a financial plan that follows the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps.  This is individualized plan devised just for you (and your spouse, if applicable).


We do this through:

  1. Creating a debt snowball.
  2. Setting up a monthly budget.
  3. Paying off your mortgage.
  4. Save money for our child(ren)’s college.
  5. Investing for retirement.


You do not need a great income to have a great outcome!  No matter what your input is, appropriately structured, you CAN get out of debt.  Live like no one else (beans, rice, ramen) so that you can later on live and give like no one else (filet mignon, prime rib, beef wellington) with Crème Brulee for dessert!


By following our plan, you not only become debt free, but with our additional resources, you CAN retire as a millionaire. 

Our Executive Statement


Main Street Financial Cocaching  helps you set up your debt snowball, a budget, and a roadmap to living like no one else.


Epi and John have been debt free since 2015.  It has brought them even closer as a couple.  Not only do we live like no one else, but we are on our way to becoming an everyday millionaire.  If we can do it, you can do it!!


We all know that living paycheck to paycheck it not very conducive to living a prosperous life.  Wouldn’t you be happier telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it all went?


Epi is an Associate Degree Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s degree in Science Education.  John has been an appliance repairman since the 1980s, and has spent many years as a salesman since the 1970s.


We are just plain ole folks, making a living one paycheck at a time. 







About us

"Epi" is a native Okie, that has been in Idaho since 1996.  She and her husband John moved to Grace in 2008.  During their travel nursing adventures, they would listen to Dave Ramsey's radio show and soon became debt free including their house.  Since they are no longer able to travel, Epi enrolled in the Dave Ramsey Financial Master Class to learn how to help others become debt free and have a great retirement plan.